There are a wide range of different restaurants in Salou, and luckily there are an equal as wide range of taste buds. So, what are the best restaurants in Salou? We have divided it into two categories, so you have something for everybody. 

Salou is a great cost city, with a lot of nice restaurants and shops. And we do understand why you would love to have a Zara in Salou, we would to. But the shops mainly sell the typical holiday stuff. Sometimes you can be lucky to find some clothing in these shops or in more local shops in Salou. But if you are looking specifically for a Zara, then you need to go either to Reus or Tarragona, which is the larger cities next to Salou.

There is no denying that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out in Salou. Almost all types of cuisine are readily available in the many great restaurants and bars. From fast food to multi course dinners, it’s all here waiting for you. And The Roadhouse Salou is definitely one of the restaurants we can recommend you to visit on your holiday.