[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Without doubt we all love to pass our holidays on the Costa Dorada lying by the hotel pool or stretched out on the white sand next to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the huge appeal of lazy days under the blistering sun there are days, especially on longer stays, when we feel like doing something a little different and day trips or excursions are an ideal way to have an enjoyable day out while seeing a bit more of what the famous Catalonian region has to offer.[/vc_column_text]


Sitges is small and charming

Sitting almost midway along the neighbouring coastline of Costa del Garraf, Sitges is a holiday or at least a day trip well worth taking. This little town will amaze you with its big personality and global appeal.

Popular with families and visitors of all nationalities it’s labyrinth of narrow streets, filled with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are brimming with tourists and locals.


Arriving in Sitges

There are two main places where people first arrive to Sitges. The Renfe train station is located at the top end of the town next to the indoor market. As you exit the station you will be facing the town, simply walk down any of the opposite side streets and you will quickly arrive at the main street. The 2nd arrival point is at the big municipal outdoor car park at Can Robert as there is coach and bus parking just behind the public car park. As you pass under the railway bridge you will see the iconic Oasis roundabout marking the main access street to the town centre.


The gay friendly destination Sitges

While often referred to as the “Gay Capital of Europe”  Sitges’ open and inclusive society is not the only welcoming aspect of this beautiful spot. The town itself backs onto the sea and the majority of the main streets are pedestrianised with access only being given to council cleaning vehicles and delivery vans in the very early mornings and late evenings.

You can happily lose yourself in the maze of arteries that lead off the main thoroughfare called Les Parellades to discover wonderful little cafes, shops and tapas bars. From Les Parellades you will discover more little side streets, many with interesting architecture until the tight walkways suddenly open out to reveal a stunning promenade and the many beaches which showcases the real beauty of Sitges.


Sitges yacht club

Standing high at one end is the imposing parish church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla, its front steps leading down from Placa de Baluard to the mediterranean sea and Sitges yacht club. From here you will get some of the most impressive pictures of the town. The church stands at the entrance to the Old Town and if you follow the sea along Carrer Fonollar you will be awestruck by what you find. Every detail around every turn is a pleasure to the eye, old streets and ornately decorated architecture, hidden alleys and cobbled streets all leading up to the beautiful Sant Sebastian beach.

If you follow the promenade in the other direction you will enjoy almost 5 kilometers walkway running alongside sandy beaches, interesting artworks and inspiring Catalan architecture. At the other end you will reach Terramar with its must visit public park, offering scenic shade for walkers and an interesting play area for children.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]